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Welcome to my wildlife photogrpahy page!


I love to take wildlife  and nature  pictures everywhere I go in this beautiful country of ours. That said, my main interest and area of focus is the wonderful variety of wildlife in the N.Y metropolitan area, including the surrounding counties, southern Connecticut and northern New Jersey (reachable via a day trip from N.Y. city).  Through the hard work and dedication of nature lovers, state and local government agencies and societies [such as the Audubon Society, the Nature Conservancy and others], New York, Connecticut and New Jersey have protected many natural areas for all to enjoy.  My wildlife photos have been published in various Fairfield County Connecticut - City/Town planners/calendars and in a local wildlife article in the Rye Record Newspaper. I  hope you enjoy my photographs and that they inspire you to see these great natural places in person.

Thank you so much for viewing my pictures!



Prints: For inquiries about  my Photographs please contact me directly at:

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